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12-week group coaching + training program guiding you through 6 steps to build a profitable and meaningful business putting you on the path to full-time entrepreneurship and kiss your day job goodbye!

Meet your Coach & Trainer, Amanda Portillo

No too long ago, Amanda went from being an unfulfilled, burnout and underpaid corporate employee lacking meaning in her professional life to becoming a full-time, self-sufficient, thriving entrepreneur.

The Bizness Growth Accelerator is result of the steps she took (and many mistakes and lessons learned) to build not only a profitable Career Coaching business but two other profitable businesses since 2019, BIZZY Women Social & Portillo Property Partners. 

Her 6-step formula has also helped several clients build their own businesses from the ground up or drastically improved their existing business (in the safest and most responsible way).

Amanda's style in coaching and training business owners is transparent, action-oriented and process driven. She is truthful about the realities of business ownership (the highs and lows) but firmly believes that with the right mindset, actions, and willingness to do what it takes to, like her, you too can become a thriving, self-sufficient entrepreneur. 


The BIZZNESS Growth Accelerator is for you if ...

↠ You are ready to begin building your business but are not clear on how to bring it to fruition and become a profitable business.
↠ You have already launched your business but not generating enough revenue consistently to take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship.

The Bizzness Growth Accelerator will help you to build a profitable business in the safest and most responsible way possible - putting you on the fast track to full-time entrepreneurship. This program will provide you with the right steps in the right order + weekly assignments to move you closer to your end goal with confidence, clarity, and faith.

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Amanda Bonasoro, Owner of Bono Apetit Meal Prep

My husband Chris and I took Amanda's Business Launch Accelerator Program. We would 100% recommend this program to anyone starting a business. Amanda has a lot of knowledge and her 6-step program has helped kick start us in the right direction. We could not be more thankful for Amanda!


Mahli Rivera, Photographer @ Mahli Rivera Studios

Working with Amanda was such an eye opener for me. She was able to understand the areas in my business that needed the most work and  help me organize myself in a more efficient manner.  With her help I have began the journey of eventually leaving my 9-5 to do what I love. I now have a better workflow for myself as well as my client’s. 


Kathleen R., Virtual Assistant 

"From the mental mindset you have to be in, to the technical aspects of being an entrepreneur. She really makes you think and hit very real and important milestones".

Here's how it works :

 Six 60-minute group training calls


We will meet every other week for BIZZNESS training! Amanda will go over each module and present the homework which you should focus to help you progress to the next level.

Official Program Workbook

Upon enrolling, you will receive the official program workbook that is EVERYTHING! This workbook will tell you exactly what steps to take to keep you moving forward and document your program.

Three 60-minute group coaching calls


Group coaching calls are intended to give participants the space and opportunity to ask questions related to the module, share obstacles they are facing and get on the spot feedback and support to move forward.


If you are unable to attend an in-person session, you will have access to replays within 24 hours. However, in-person attendance is strongly encouraged. 

The BIZZNESS Growth Accelerator is for you if :

  • You are ready to step into the thriving businesswoman you are destined to become

  • You yearn for the freedom & flexibility that traditional employment doesn't always provide

  • You are ready to build a profitable business which puts you on a path to full-time entrepreneurship

  • You are passionate and borderline-obsessed with your business vision

  • You are ready for straightforward business guidance to build your business

  • You are willing to put in the work necessary to build a profitable business which involves showing up to sessions, completing homework assignments, asking for feedback, & stepping outside of your comfort zone

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