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BIZZY Women Social is a social networking club for Greater Boston's female founders, early entrepreneurs, and women in business seeking to not only form referral partnerships, but genuine personal friendships with like-minded, inspiring women.

We are a community unlike any other - blending business networking, socializing, advertising, and personal development.

No clickiness. No one-side conversations. No judgement. No intimidation. Women at all stages of building their businesses have a seat at the table.

What's BIZZY?

BIZZY Women Social is a social networking community comprised of ambitious women in Greater Boston who are serious about starting or growing business while having fun and making new friends along the way.

With 60+ members and counting, we welcome product and service-based business owners across all industries, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations.

We offer consistent and effective opportunities to promote, network, socialize and learn new skills and strategies to take your business to new heights.

Behind every successful women there is a trhive of women who have her back.png

What makes us unique?

Often times, networking can feel very transactional and disingenuous.  BIZZY prides itself on offering real opportunities to form authentic connections with like-minded women on a consistant basis.

The BIZZY team is also invested in your success by offering effective ways to drive brand awareness through out promotional opportunities for members.

By attending our online meetings and in-person events, you will quickly reap the benefits of relationship building to add value to your career and personal life!

Why join?

Let's face it. Building a business can be overwhelming, intimidating, and isolating.


But by joining BIZZY you will feel less alone, more understood, & genuinely supported.

If you are serious about growing your business while having fun along the way, BIZZY is for you!

Join us for ...

  • New friends and referral partners that will provide value to your business 

  • Two monthly members-only virtual meetings to help you network, promote, break through challenges, and learn from the experts.

  • Promotional opportunities that increase visibility and drive brand awareness and exposure

  • A true sense of belonging with a tribe of like-minded, goal-obsessed women in biz!

  • Fun! Always have something fun to look forward to.

Member Testimonials

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The bizzy Team
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Amanda Portillo - Founder & CEO

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Lauren Maloney - Creative Director

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 Stephanie Ankiewicz, Clean Living Advocate & Educator

I have definitely gained friendships and am cultivating some relationships as well. I have been able to gain 1 person to my team as well has have had 4 clients order but have a lot of interest going forward which is exciting! It’s truly been a great experience! 

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Mariah Bradbury, Resume Writer & Career Coach

Since joining Bizzy Women Social, I've received client referrals, offers to have 1:1 sessions to help with my business, and participated in workshops hosted by other members. The events I've been to have been so fun and don't feel at all like traditional networking, which makes it much easier to build genuine and supportive connections. Amanda and Lauren do an excellent job of making all members feel important and included.

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Sarah Surette, Photographer

Bizzy has helped me meet amazing new women, start actual, meaningful relationships with them and get out of my comfort zone.  I’ve gotten to try cool new restaurants and bars I likely would have never made it out to and had some great thought provoking conversations at them.  And of course the bonus of promoting my business, and these awesome new women in my life recommending me to others. 

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